Relationship Spread

This spread that can be used to gain further perspective and clarity into any type of relationship. It could be used for romance, friendship, family, etc… It can also be used regarding a relationship between yourself and another entity, like a job, home, money, etc...



Center and quiet your mind. Take some cleansing breaths. Ask what it is that you need further clarification and insight on in terms of your relationship, what can be learned, and another information that you need to know while you shuffle the deck. Once you feel like you've focused and shuffled long enough draw 6 cards.

1. You.
2. The other person or entity.
3. Conscious or outward aspects of the relationship.
4. Subconscious or inward aspects of the relationship.
5. What can be learned or any further advice.
6. The outcome.

SpreadsNicole Pivirotto