Xtra Magic Pack

Xtra Magic Pack


The Xtra Magic Pack is both Color, Form, and Magic plus Esoteric Semiotics together! It’s basically everything you need if you’re interested in adding semiotics to your magical, art, and/or design practice.

Color, Form, and Magic
We all use Color, Form, and Magic on a daily basis, from very creative acts like drawing and painting to daily tasks like choosing what to wear. But rarely do we get a chance to break it down and examine how to use color and form for our own healing and manifestation purposes.

This book explores the psychological meanings behind colors and basic shapes, and offers a modern take on traditional symbols used in magic. It also goes over the methodology for creating custom symbols for manifestation and healing, as well as guidelines and ideas for the contemporary magic practice including moon cycles, meditation, and altar building.

Esoteric Semiotics
Every mystical tradition has its own set of symbols and icons for spell work and ciphers. This booklet contains 130 magical and mystical symbols, stemming from Wicca, Astrology, commonplace iconography, and some that I designed myself for magical workings.

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