Prismatic Pack: Full Spectrum Edition

Prismatic Pack: Full Spectrum Edition


This is everything for your color healing and magical needs! Includes both The Prism Oracle: Full Spectrum Edition + Color, Form, and Magic: A Guide to Manifestation and Healing with Design.

The Prism Oracle: Full Spectrum Edition is just like the original, but in vibrant HD color. It explores the connection between emotion, intuition, and color. Each card in this deck is related to a specific energetic vibration created by color. The Prism Oracle allows us to break down our inner thoughts and emotions. By tapping into our own intuition, we can empower ourselves to become our own guides.

Color, Form, and Magic analyzes the psychological meanings behind colors and basic shapes, and offers a modern take on traditional symbols used in magic. It also goes over the methodology for creating custom symbols for manifestation and healing, as well as guidelines and ideas for the contemporary magic practice including moon cycles, meditation, and altar building.

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