Healthy Boundaries for Social Media Phone Wallpaper & Meditation

Healthy Boundaries for Social Media Phone Wallpaper & Meditation


Finding healthy ways of working with technology and social media can be difficult. Our phones have become such a central part of our lives, and an extension of ourselves. The companies that make our most beloved apps created them to be as addictive as possible, which makes it all the more troublesome. Many feelings can arise from using these apps like jealousy, loneliness, impostor syndrome, and depression to name a few. In addition, they can be incredibly energetically draining.

That said, there are lots of beautiful things that came come from working with technology and apps. Meaningful human connection, inspiration, and the ability to share parts of your life with others.

This phone wallpaper and meditation was created to help screen out any negative vibes that can stem from social media and technology while letting in sweet and loving energies.

The wallpaper itself acts as a screen, only allowing positive energies through. The two hearts with arrows symbolize heart to heart connection with others. The color blue in this wallpaper represents cleansing, while the green signifies heart-centered love.

A pdf is included in the purchase which includes a meditation on setting boundaries and your relationship with social media.

*Please note that the wallpaper and meditation pdf will be emailed to you within 24hrs of purchase.

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